A Nonprofit to Help Other Nonprofits

Welcome to Human Ripple Works, Inc., which funds human inclusivity training for nonprofits and governmental entities that can’t afford such critical training.

“Inclusivity” is the extent to which someone feels as if they matter to an organization or group of humans. It is one of the most fundamental elements of the Human Condition–we all want to “belong” and be seen as someone who “matters” to others.

Very often, nonprofits and government entities–particularly those that work with at-risk youth or families struggling with basic needs like housing or food–don’t understand how to be truly inclusive. Worse, they often don’t allocate budget dollars for trainers or speakers on human inclusivity.

The result?

The nonprofit or government entity just doesn’t obtain the necessary training to deal with the population of humans it serves.

Thus, imagine a youth shelter that serves at-risk youth who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (including gender nonconforming) or queer or youth of color or of various ethnic backgrounds. Imagine further that the professional staff at the shelter never received meaningful training on how to be welcoming to such youth–meaning that they don’t understand the risk of verbal tripwires or how to avoid offending cultural sensitivities.

It’s easy to see how that shelter might further marginalize the very youth it serves. All because team members lack critical perspective and training.

Enter Human Ripple Works, Inc. (HRW).

HRW was created solely to help bring critical human inclusivity training to the many nonprofits and government entities that can’t afford such training. This includes youth or other shelters, nonprofit counseling organizations, schools, other government entities, religious organizations, arts organizations, and any not-for-profit organization that serves at-risk humans or persons from marginalized communities.

An independent Board of Directors oversees HRW and determines which nonprofits or government entities qualify for grants to fund human inclusivity training. (See the “Apply For Grant” page on this website for more information.)

Please visit this site in full and contact us with any questions. Here is a flyer that further describes our work. We welcome your inquiries!

If you’re so inclined, we also welcome your donations. HRW’s work is entirely dependent on donations.

Because everyone matters and everyone deserves to be “seen” as unique and valued for who they are!