Apply for Grant

Human Ripple Works, Inc. (HRW) provides grants to nonprofits and government entities that lack funding to conduct on-site human inclusivity training. The HRW Board of Directors makes all of HRW’s grant-making decisions on a periodic basis.

If you represent a nonprofit or governmental entity that cannot afford or doesn’t have the budget for human inclusivity training, please check the following criteria before you apply for a grant.

HRW’s grant-making criteria include:

1. The nonprofit or government entity must serve at-risk humans or directly assist another nonprofit or government entity that does so. This is intended to be broadly defined so as not to be too limiting. Thus, this criteria includes arts-related organizations that conduct outreach to marginalized communities; volunteer organizations (such as PFLAG) which support LGBTQ humans and their families; and churches and religious organizations.

2. The human inclusivity training must be for the staff and volunteers of the nonprofit or government entity. In most instances, that training can also include members of the public.

3. Very often, the nonprofit or government entity will be required to provide some limitedf self-funding for the human inclusivity training (this is with the belief that having “some skin in the game” ensures for best possible turnout and internal promotion of the trainig).

4. Due to HRW’s budget and donation cycles, funding requests may not be fulfilled for weeks or months after the request is received.

5. There is no guarantee of funding. Again, HRW’s decision on whether to approve a grant request is dependent of many factors.

You can start the process of applying for a grant by emailing at or by calling 319.360.1692.

Thank you!