Human Ripple Works, Inc. exists to train nonprofits and government entities that can’t afford human inclusivity training.

Very often, nonprofits–particularly those that work with at-risk youth or families struggling with basic needs like housing or food–don’t have the budget for trainers or speakers on human inclusivity. Additionally, some government entities, like a public health service, lack the the money for such training.

The result?

The nonprofit or government entity just doesn’t obtain the necessary training to deal with the population of humans it serves.

There’s also an issue about the urban-rural divide. Nonprofits and government entities located in urban areas more often have access to a variety of resources to train team members.

In contrast, entities located in rural areas often don’t have as many options. Moreover, organizations sometimes believe they don’t need human inclusivity training (including about “diversity”) because “We’re all the same here” or “there’s no bias among our team members.”

Neither of those things is ever true–diversity isn’t only about skin color. Diversity includes many things that often are invisible–LGBTQ status, hidden disability status, religion, for example. Inclusivity is about making every human feel as if they “matter” and about being “seen” as a unique and whole person.

Human Ripple Works, Inc. aims to level the playing field by providing resources to conduct human inclusivity training regardless of where the nonprofit or government entity is located.

We want to eliminate the excuse, “We don’t have money for that kind of training.”

With your help, we can do that.

Here is a flyer that describes our work and how to apply for a grant.