Human Inclusivity Training for Nonprofits

“Human Inclusivity” is the extent to which a human feels that they matter to or have value for an organization or another group of humans. The desires to “belong” and “be wanted” are among the strongest of our human needs. Additionally, everyone desires to be “seen” as someone of value. Tied into this is a basic need for dignity and respect.

All too often, organizations and groups of humans (businesses, nonprofits, government entities, educational institutions, clubs) fail to understand the importance of human inclusivity. This lack of understanding is responsible for much of the alienation and divide that inhibit performance, imagination and efficiency. Moreover, the absence of inclusivity profoundly affects how diverse an organization or group of humans may be or become.

With that background, Human Ripple Works, Inc. was created to train nonprofits and government entities that can’t afford or don’t have the budget for human inclusivity training.

Very often, nonprofits–particularly those that work with at-risk youth or families struggling with basic needs like housing or food–don’t have the budget for trainers or speakers on human inclusivity. Additionally, some government entities, like a public health service, lack the the money for such training.

The result?

The nonprofit or government entity just doesn’t obtain the necessary training to completely fulfill the needs of the humans it is charged with serving.

There are thousands of human inclusivity trainers but very few who will train on a pro bono (for free) or low bono (greatly reduced fee) basis. However, as the executive director of Human Ripple Works, Inc., I’m willing to do just that. Certainly, I have a for-profit company that trains on human inclusivity in order to pay the bills. But because I’m geared to making the world more inclusive and welcoming, I’m willing to provide (on a pro bono or low bono basis) training to those organizations and government entities that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford human inclusivity training. Also, the hope is to locate other qualified trainers who would be willing to similarly give of their time to train on human inclusivity.

One analogy is to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières where physicians donate their services while having their expenses paid by people who donate to the cause of providing medical care to people who can’t otherwise afford it.

I invite you to learn more about the mission of Human Ripple Works, Inc. and ask that you consider making a donation. A flyer explaining our work can be found here.

Thank you!


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